Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Enchanted Evening

I've never really been able to get into time travel romances. Modern woman falls through a mysterious portal in time, winds up with old-fashioned knight in shining armor, falls in love, and lives happily ever after. Meanwhile, she somehow ignores the fact that her beloved has rotting teeth, believes cleanliness is next to devilishness (and not in a good way), is a firm believer in the importance of regularly beating your wife, and treats his serfs like the near-slaves they are.

(Yep, real romantic. Tell you what - you go there, and I'll stay here, with modern medicine and men who know how to floss.)
One Enchanted Evening
Soooo. A little bit ago a friend shoved Lynn Kurland's latest time travel romance at me and insisted I read it. I was ... polite. You know, along the lines of, "Oh, gee, thanks. You shouldn't have. Really." It was a book, however, and it was in front of me, and I'll read the ingredients on the cereal box if it's in front of me, so, yeah. I read it.

Wow!! "One Enchanted Evening" is a great book. Yeah, it takes a more than generous suspension of disbelief. It was funny, though. And Kurland didn't shove the two lovebirds in bed with each other in complete disregard of medieval mores. She actually spent time developing their relationship first, something I find lacking in far too many romances.

I really had fun reading it, and I'm already reading more of Kurland's time travel romances. This is actually the latest of a group of connected books, about the De Piagets and the McLeods (and yes, I picture Adrian Paul  every time I read that name. "Duncan McLeod. Of the clan McLeod.")

The title of the book might seem familiar. "Some Enchanted Evening" is one of the songs from South Pacific, and is one of my absolute favorite romantic songs. Which means that every time I think about "One Enchanted Evening", now, I get "Some Enchanted Evening" running through my head.

So I thought I'd share the fun, and get you all singing to yourselves, too. Of all the versions I listened to on YouTube, this one was my favorite.

Some Enchanted Evening

Books: One Enchanted Evening, Lynn Kurland
Music: Some Enchanted Evening, South Pacific, Rodgers & Hammerstein

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