Why We Started This Blog

One day in the cold months of winter Jennifer called Cannwin up and said, "I have the best idea."

It was one of those ideas that strikes in the middle of the busiest moment of a day yet no matter what you do it refuses to be shoved aside.

The kind of idea that encompasses everything you love--in their case, reading, writing, and listening to music, and staying at home ;)

What if there were a blog where a person could discuss the connection between the three (not the staying at home).

Cannwin listened patiently, then thought about it for several days before agreeing to go ahead with it.

Two months later the first post was ready to be published and the two sisters embarked on a new adventure. This one devoted to indoctrinating the world with their love of literature.

To read the first 'real' post go here. To read the first book/music review go here.


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