Who We Are

Cannwin often finds herself staring at her favorite books from underneath the arms and legs of her four children.
She frequently wishes for the magical power of literary osmosis and would like nothing more than to spend the rest of her days lying in fluffy bed reading. Barring those eventualities she currently enjoys being a mom, wife and  24/7 housekeeper. She currently lives in Southern Utah. Y
ou can read more about her daily adventures at cannwin.blogspot.com

As for reading...

Cannwin rotates through genres. She find herself addicted to just one style for years and years and then suddenly and inexplicably will move on to another. At the moment she is devoted to Fantasy. But she has been known to consume Historical Fiction, Murder Mysteries, LDS Fiction, Memoirs, Classics, and Non-Fiction (i.e. factual histories). If it's good, she'll read it.

* * * *

 Jennifer is really just doing this blog to give her an excuse to read more and listen to more music, while telling everyone she is working. An obsessive reader, she has perfected the art of reading while cooking dinner. Her family has perfected the art of ignoring the occasional scorched meal. She still likes to listen to her music full blast, but only when no-one else is around. As the designated family photographer, the only photos she has of herself are the blurry and off center pictures her two children have taken while experimenting with the camera.

Much like Cannwin, Jennifer reads in cycles - Fantasy, Mysteries, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Westerns, Thrillers. (Note the prevalence of the word "fiction". She reads non-fiction for information, not fun. She is a complete sucker for Golden Age Science Fiction and early 20th century analytical detectives, but secretly indulges in romances, especially the paranormal type.


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