Tuesday, March 29, 2011


MirrorMask (children's edition)I found this and just fell in love. I wouldn't have thought of Coldplay's Viva La Vida in relation to Neil Gaiman's MirrorMask, but it works so well! (Not strictly a book, I know, but there is a children's edition, so is that close enough? And, y'know, it's Neil Gaiman. Does it really matter what media it's in if he's the writer?)

I keep thinking of this song in relation to something else, but I can't remember exactly what book the scene I'm thinking of is in. Drives me crazy when that happens...

Mirror Mask: When I Ruled the World (Coldplay: "Viva La Vida")


Cannwin said...

Have you ever seen this movie? It's a totally weird great movie with good quotable lines.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I have. It's an excellent movie; not my all time favorite of his works, but still very, very good.

Cannwin said...


"Look there's an idiot."


F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E line.


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