Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Wish-List

The Madness Season (Daw Science Fiction)Imagine this - the last vampire on Earth is hiding out from the aliens who have conquered and now rule the world with a totalitarian fist. He's in trouble, because information is so tightly controlled that it's getting close to impossible to create new identities anymore. If the aliens find out he's immortal, though ...

I was describing this plot to my sister, and she rolled her eyes so vigorously I could hear it over the phone. "A vampire? And aliens? Yeah, that sounds, um, interesting. Jen! Are you serious?"

If I listened to her every time she got sarcastic with me, I'd have stopped reading years ago. So I tuned her out. My heavens! The woman reads Nicholas Sparks, and she expects me to take her taste in books seriously? (And then she dies...)

I've actually read this vampire vs aliens novel once before, but for years I couldn't remember the title. Every so often I'd think about it and shake my brain around for a little bit, hoping the title would drop out from behind some forgotten piece of dusty furniture. No luck. I was never going to get a chance to reread it. Mope. Sigh. Life sucks.

And then I found the perfect people to help me out! has two forums set up for just this sort of question: Help! Do You Know ... (Fantasy & Horror) and Help! Do You Know ... (SF) (I'm not familiar with resources for other genres. If you know of any, share them with the rest of us in the comments, and I'll do a post on the subject later.)

The wonderful people there quickly identified my book from the plot points I gave them: The Madness Season, by C.S. Friedman. So it's now sitting in my Amazon Wish List, waiting for either my birthday or a day that I'm feeling rich. Or until I get tired of waiting to reread it. I'm so excited! I have a hunch it's going to be one of those books that I get a lot more out of as an adult, than I did as a teenager (when I originally read it.)

And to my sister I say, "4 1/2 stars at Amazon and 27 reviews. I am not the only one who liked this! Neener, neener. Pbbtthh!"

Book: The Madness Season by C.S. Friedman

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Jaleh D said...

I'll have to check out those forums. I've got a few books rattling around my brain waiting to be identified. Now I have to remember which ones I was trying to remember again...


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