Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspired By ...

Browsing around YouTube I found the following videos - original compositions created with a specific book in mind.

Unknown Soundtrack (Fantasy music) part 1
"I'm writting a book called Unknown, and i decided to make some instrumantals for it! the backround pictures arent mine but they fit mostly to what the lands in the story look like. ... the first song is the main theme of Unknown, and the second is the travel themes for one of the cities that are from the book." FireWolf112

Bridges Of Madison County Video
"A dear friend asked me to read the book [The Bridges of Madison County] or I never would have touched it. Not my style - period! But reading it brought tears to my eyes and inspiration to my heart. The 'soundtrack' to the book was written in less than 48 hours of intense soul searching." BigCatLenny

Through Grace - ** WORLD PREMIERE DEBUT** Thomas McKennie's Original Soundtrack Recording
"Thomas McKennie brings you for the first time ever, an original composition entitled, "Through Grace". A song composed to accompany the publishing of Ms. Susan Sherell's fictional novel entitled "Grace", available in book stores now." 23Piccolina

Music: Through Grace, Thomas McKennie
            Bridges of Madison County, Lenny La Rue
Books: The Bridges of Madison County, Robert James Waller
            Grace, Susan Sherrell

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