Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rhapsody: Child of Blood

Recently I told you about a song/book combo for The Notebook... in it I gave a list of other great unrequited love stories.

One of those stories is Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon.

Rhapsody : Child of BloodI first picked this book up on a whim at a bookstore and, despite a higher level of sexuality than I am used to reading, I found myself enjoying the storyline.

In this first book of the Symphony of Ages Series, you are introduced to two people, Gwydion and Emily. Their entire relationship begins and ends in the prologue yet it is the essence of the entire novel. Without their love-story there would be nothing further to tell. This is what I loved about the series. How their relationship overlaps thousands of years and hundreds of generations and yet lasts only a few hours.

Gwydion and Emily are unequivocal and irrevocable soul-mates... which nine times out of ten leads to sorrow.
"Now he was looking at his wife. He had always wondered what the other half of his soul looked like, and was delighted, and humbled, to see it was so incredible; he was actually amazed to know he even had one. The prospect of living by her side for the rest of his life filled him with a heady, if terrifying, feeling. In years to come, as he mourned her death over the endlessly passing days of his lifetime, he would think back to this moment and remember the way she had looked when he first saw her with his new eyes, eyes that still believed that life held a great measure of love for him."
So there's this song that I love and have loved for absolutely ever and the other day I was listening to it (and remembering how much I loved it) when I realized it was perfect for Gwydion and Emily. I gotta tell you, I read this book probably five or six years ago so to have it pop in my head like that... well, it's a good match.

The song is 'I'm Kissing You' by Des'ree:
I'm Kissing YouPride can stand a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you
My soul cries

Where are you now
Where are you now
'Cause I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you, oooh
 Go and read it, and see if you agree.

Books: Rhapsody: Child of Blood by Elizabeth Haydon
Songs: I'm Kissing You by Des'ree


Jolene said...

throw lyrics and I'll make a comment every time. LOVE that song, LOVE that scene in the R and J movie. And I have yet ANOTHER book on my "to read" list.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I've put this on my TBR list, too. Sounds interesting!

Jen the bibliophile said...

I have an award for you HERE. :D

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