Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cinnamon Bear

The Cinnamon Bear in the Adventure of the Silver Star
When I was a little kid my parents would tune into the radio every day, in the weeks before Christmas, to let us listen to The Cinnamon Bear. This old radio show (1937) featured the adventures of Jimmy and Judy Barton and the Cinnamon Bear, as they chase across Maybeland, trying to get the Silver Star back for their Christmas tree.

For those of you who remember this show with equal fondness, you might be interested to know that the show is now in the public domain. You can download it for free from The Cinnamon Bear or listen to it online at RadioLovers.

The best part of all this is that if your kids like it, you'll never have to put up with the temper tantrums my parents did, when something comes up to make you miss a day's episode.


Jaleh D said...

I'll have to look that up. It sounds cute.

Cari Hislop said...

I loved this story as a child, but I heard it at school. I don't know how many days it took to listen to it, but I remember sitting on the floor (we had to go into the other second grade classroom). The teachers turned the lights down, switched on a string Christmas lights and then turned on the show. It was magical! Thanks for the link! I'll have to download it and listen again.

This Christmas I have a weird urge to make gingerbread men/women. Instead of handing out Christmas cards at church (a social tradition over here) I'm going to make gingerbread cookie-ornaments. They can eat them or hang them on the tree and I won't have to break my wrist writing out cards. If I was in the States I'd be making cinnamon candy as well. They must sell cinnamon oil over here somewhere, but I've never seen it. I've never made gingerbread men...if you get an e-mail from my Goblin saying I'm taking an extended holiday you know I'll be resting in a white room.


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