Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday WishList: Dying For Brandon

I'm on page 973 (of 1000) of Brandon Sanderson's 'The Way of Kings' and do you know what I wish for this Friday?

The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive)I wish the next book was already out. I wish I wouldn't have to wait another year or two for another volume... or the subsequent volumes following that one. I want it all! Now!

However, according to Brandon Sanderson's website, it looks as if the next one won't be finished until 2012.

Whenever I'm done with a series book I wonder to myself why I even get caught up in them? Do I really need to be doing this to myself all the time? Yet, I can't seem to pull myself away.

Of course, I think there are twice as many series as there used to be. Maybe that's my problem. Or, actually, their problem. I understand the financial aspects of such endeavors.... but from a reader's standpoint I would love to just have one said and done with! At least give me the satisfaction of a sound ending each time.

What's on your wishlist today?


Cari Hislop said...

I could be hallucinating, but I think there are more "series" than there used to be. I'm happy as long as the series continues the story of the same people in the first book. I can't stand it when a series or a book ends up lasting several generations. I've never read one where I didn't think the younger generation was a bore. I always feel ripped off; the book starts out with interesting people...and then...bla! Even with the series of Anne of Green Gables...when that last book covers her children. I bought the book to read about Anne and ended up reading about her boring children.

Jennifer said...

Personally, I tend to avoid starting a series until it's all done. I've been burned before by reading the first book of a series, only to never see any other books of the series!

Cari Hislop said...

Speaking of series, did you try to read that 5th book by Laurie R King in her Sherlock series? (I own four so it must be the 5th). It was SO disappointing. It was like opening a fresh box of your favorite cold cereal on Christmas morning (when all the shops are closed) and finding it's gone stale. It was rubbish. She must have cranked it out to meet a contract. I don't think I could ever purposely write a series. I'd hate to feel under pressure to keep writing about certain characters, but I wouldn't crank one out because I had to either. Publishers don't do themselves any favors when they lock authors into a contract! I'm just glad I borrowed that last King book from the library. If I'd bought it I might have put her on my 'never buy another of of their books' list.

For anyone who hasn't read the series; the first two books are brilliant. Three and four are good.

I feel an inexplicable need to go listen to a violin concerto! ;)

Jennifer said...

Y'know, I had to go look up what the 5th book was? O Jerusalem. And, as I looked at the title I realized I don't really remember what it's about. So, I guess it wasn't so hot, since I've found it completely forgettable. Hmmm. I loved The Game, and Locked Rooms, though. She hauls Kim (Kipling's Kim) into The Game, which really tickled me.

Cari Hislop said...

Not O Jerusalem (I thought that one was good - not brilliant, but good) the one I hated was Justice Hall...I wouldn't even give it a one star. I've been out of the loop...I had no idea she's continued adding to the series. They don't sound remotely tempting. I think I'll leave it at four and pretend the author moved on to something else!


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