Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parnell Hall

I currently have a very sick and miserable child who needs lots of snuggling with Mommy, so today's post will be short.

Parnell Hall is the author of the Puzzle Lady mysteries, as well as the Stanley Hastings, and Steve Winslow series. My favorite is the Puzzle Lady series, since I am hugely addicted to puzzles. (It's my grandparents' fault - I spent a summer with them when I was 13. They spent a great deal of time doing crosswords and other puzzles and it wasn't long before I found out that a fondness for torturing your brain is apparently hereditary.)

It isn't the puzzles I'm writing about today (too bad, huh?) but the fact that Hall has made several music videos as part of his self-promotional efforts. I love them - they are whimsical, with a real sense of fun about them. Hall does the singing; I assume he does the writing, but I couldn't find anywhere that stated that.

This is one of my favorites of his videos. Warning: there are several clips of murders shown here. If you are sensitive to violence, you might not want to watch it. If you don't mind that, though, it's hilarious.

Kill 'em

Makes you want to go read a good mystery, doesn't it?

You can find the rest of his videos at his YouTube channel, lmh1234.

Back to snuggling a certain small feverish person...

Books and Music: Parnell Hall

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