Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pillars of the Earth: A Review

The Pillars of the EarthI just finished/put down/gave up on Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

Admittedly I was excited to try this book out for myself. It sounded good and had one of those reputations that makes me just itch to get my hands on it.

Then I read it.

Or tried to.

I'm guessing people might really enjoy this, but I'm not so into repeated explicit descriptions of rape.

How odd of me.

I'm also not into reading page after page after page of a person trying every single door on a cathedral only to discover, one at a time, that they are all locked.

Yet, if the author had taken the time cut out some of the more minute details, and had the grace to think of women when describing some of the more graphic scenes, it might have been a good book.

I can see that there is a good storyline in there, but I feel he failed me as the reader.

So, now I'm off to read something fluffly and safe, just to clear my head of all those horrid images.


Carin Siegfried said...

That's too bad you didn't like this! I enjoyed it although I agree, it could have been better written (especially in regards to women). But I found it to be a good distaction on a long flight.

Cannwin said...

I do admit a slight interest in the movie... just to see if they could speed things up a bit, but I'm still deciding. :)

Shelley said...

Yeah. Most of the time, the awful images aren't worth it.


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