Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please and Thank You

Tinker (Elfhome, Book 1)
You might already be familiar with the fact that I have children. Said children are big fans of The Backyardigans. (So am I, honestly. There's some great music in those shows and I've gotten rather hooked on more than one of the songs from there.)

It's no wonder, then, that I was strongly reminded of a Backyardigans song while reading the following character description in Tinker, by Wen Spencer. Sparrow is a lower caste elf who has been elevated to a higher caste. Other elves of lower caste find her annoying because she is arrogant and unpleasant to those she considers to be less than her.

"Sparrow thinks nothing of making work for the rest of us," complained the female, Stormsong - whose attitude toward clothes and boots delighted Tinker no end. "She demands fresh flowers in her quarters, special food from the sefada, and countless changes in her gowns. Pull!"
"Tasha: I love being a princess,
I love being a princess.
I wouldn't trade with anyone,
I've got a sweet sweet deal.

I wear nice expensive clothes.
I sleep on the softest bed.
I wear fancy jewelry.
There's a crown upon my head."

I Love Being a Princess, The Backyardigans' "The Key to the Nile"
"Sparrow never says please or thank you." Skybolt made a sound of disgust as he shot, sending out his arrows in a show of graceful speed. "The other castes are beneath her politeness."
"Tyrone: We even come to fan her when she wants a gentle breeze,
Austin: But she never says thank you and she never, ever says please.

Tyrone: Great is your fame, oh princess.
Pablo: Long may you reign, oh princess.
Austin (aside): She's such a pain, that princess.
Tasha: I love being me!"

Book: Tinker, Wen Spencer
Music: I Love Being a Princess, The Backyardigans

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Jaleh D said...

Hahaha! I know that episode. My son likes to watch Backyardigans. I may have to put Tinker on my September reading list. It sounds interesting.


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